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In Memory

During 2013 we lost two of our Brothers, Kenny Edwards Jr. and Roger Winn.

Kenny was an employee of Rutherford County Rescue for the last 3 years. Kenny was also a Captain at Ellenboro Fire Department for the last 25 years.  Kenny was also employed fulltime as Forman with Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Kenny died on February 27, 2013 from injuries that he sustained after being hit by a tree in a wooded area in Valdese..

On March 23, 2013 we lost Chief Roger Winn who was a member of Rutherford Co. Rescue for over 30 years. Chief Winn died from complications due to open heart surgery.

Kenny Jr. and Roger will live on in our memories and are deeply missed by all of us. Rest in peace our brothers. 

About Us

Rutherford County Rescue Bio

The Rutherford County Rescue Crew, with 29 Charter Members was organized in 1958 and was sponsored by the Cliffside American Legion Post #367.

Rutherford County Rescue Crew  was actually the first rural Fire Department and Rescue Squad in the County. In the early 1960's when Cliffside Fire Department formed Rutherford County Rescue Crew donated the military surplus weapons carrier that was used as our pumper fire truck.

The first crew headquarters was located at 60 1/2  Main Street in Cliffside. The building is now the current Administration Office for Rutherford Co. Rescue as we are know today.

Our first ambulance was a white panel truck (See actual photo below). The members wore long sleeve white coveralls purchased from Sears & Roebuck and a white painted helmet liner from military surplus. Meetings were held from time to time and a hat was often passed around to raise money for gas to run the truck. Members also purchased their own uniforms and needed equipment to function as a member.  

AC McKinney was the first Chief of our organization and over the years a lot of good people from our community served and volunteered their time to assist the citizens of Rutherford County by providing medical assistance, public education, and specialty rescue services.

In the beginning all that was required to be certified as a member was for a member to obtain a American Red Cross First Aid Certification, an  American Red Cross Advance First Aid Certification and a North Carolina Drivers License. Once these  requirements were met the State of North Carolina would issue that person a State Certified Ambulance Attendant  Certification.

Long before the Communication Center, walkie-talkies and pagers, communications for the crew began by telephone and CB Radios. Mary Ellen McKinney was the Crews Telephone Answering Service and dispatcher. Mary dispatched from McKinney (and later McKinney - Landreth) Funeral Home across the street from the Cliffside Base.  

Side Note:  On September 22, 1996 During a football game at Chase High School, former Rescue Members Mary Scruggs, Roger Winn, Paul Dunn, Mary Moss and Tommy Moss responded to  Coach Ledford who went into cardiac arrest during the game. According to Dr. Robert Hagberg the Medical Director for Rutherford County during this time,  this was the first time that an AED was used in the field to save a life.     

Interest and membership in the crew continued to grow, and in 1961 the Forest City Squad was formed. With the permission of the Forest City Town Council an ambulance was housed at the Forest City Town Hall until the Forest City Squad Headquarters was constructed in 1968. The Forest City Squad as it was known then continues to serve as our operations center for the Operation Officers and Duty Crews who operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We would not be here today if it was not for the hard work and sacrifice of past members who volunteered to serve our community with pride, dedication and commitment. 

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Rutherford Co. Rescue Past Chiefs

A.C. McKinney
Clyde Sorgee
ED Jones
Paul Tate
E.D. Herndon
Roger Winn
Allen Emory (Present)

 Charter Members
Rutherford Co. Rescue Organized in 1958

Joe N. Biggerstaff
Nelson E. Black
J. O'Niel Bridges
Clarence A. Condrey
William W. Dangerfield
Stephen H. Dobbins
Howard Duncan
Hubert L. Green
Brodus Hamrick
James W. Hamrick
Robert Z. Hamrick
Aster Harris
Guy Harris
James M. Hooker
R. Joe Humphries
Earl R. Johnson
Horton Landreth
T. J. McDaniel
A. C. McKinney
George F. McMurray
Ralph H. McNabb
James M. Robinson
Dan Scruggs
Harry C. Scruggs
Jerry D. Scruggs
J. Alfred Simmons
R. Glen Watkins
Arthur M. White
Ishmael J. White

A Squadman's Prayer

O God if people are worth so much as to cause thy Son, Jesus Christ, to leave Heaven above and be so humble as to be born in a stable to serve humanity in obscurity, and to be crucified on a cross, yet, by His power of life to rise from the dead... Help me to see the value of life at the end of every call, that I may respond without murmuring....knowing that I made the choice; that I volunteered; that I am not driven; but still to know that the call is bigger than I am; that saving a life is divine; that human life is sacred and that only God who gave it can save it; and that in first aid, I only aid the Great Physician who has in His care the destiny of every soul; and that He aideth me and guideth the skill of every doctor and nurse. O God keep the density of my soul, Amen.


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